My favorite nicknames from the world of sports

Ever heard of “The Big Ticket”?

If not, just know it’s a nickname for a certain NBA player. Nicknames are a fun and memorable part of sports, and I’ve compiled a short list of my all-time favorites. Wondering who “The Big Ticket” is? Read on!


“Shoeless Joe”  –  Joe Jackson

A famous baseball player in the early 1900s, Jackson earned his nickname after a pair of cleats weren’t to his liking in the first game of a doubleheader. In the second game, he played barefoot.


“The Big Ticket”  –  Kevin Garnett

Garnett was just the fifth overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft, but he quickly became a big-time player and draw for the small-market Minnesota Timberwolves, leading them to eight straight playoff appearances.


“Big Country”  –  Bryant Reeves

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Reeves, who played basketball at Oklahoma State and in the NBA, stood 7 feet tall, weighed 290 pounds and came from rural Arkansas.


“White Chocolate”  –  Jason Williams

Standing still, this white NBA point guard looked like a small-town kid from the Midwest. Put a basketball in his hands, though, and he brought life and flair to the game that seemed only possible for the most flamboyant of NBA stars.


“Revis Island”  –  Darrelle Revis

Revis, a cornerback, earned his nickname when he proved to be a true shutdown corner. As a result, quarterbacks refused to throw in his direction, leaving the receivers he covered all by themselves with nothing to do.


“Kung Fu Panda”  –  Pablo Sandoval

Sandoval adopted the name given to the lovable Pixar panda after rising to fame as a major league baseball player. The Venezuelan product improbably became a three-time World Series champ despite a constant battle with his weight.


“Butterbean”  –  Eric Esch

Overweight boxes and MMA fighter tipped the scales at 400 pounds. He got his name after eating nothing but chicken and butterbeans when he was trying to trim down.


“The Flying Tomato”  –  Shaun White

White, a redhead, came to fame through snowboarding and other extreme sports, where he was seen catching big air.


“The Mailman”  –  Karl Malone

This Utah Jazz power forward was a Hall of Famer, delivering points, rebounds and wins … everything but a championship, really.


“Pistol Pete”  –  Pete Maravich

Maravich brought color to basketball, even when things were televised in black and white. A prolific shooter, he remains the all-time leading scorer in NCAA Division I history – and never had the benefit of a 3-point line.

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