Romo called an audible. Do you agree with it?

Tony Romo has left the huddle.

The question is: did make the correct audible?

Recently, Romo, the longtime quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, decided not to continue his NFL career. As soon as the Cowboys would release him, he had at least two suitors ready to sign him to a free-agent contract in the neighborhood of $5 million for a single season.

However, Romo called his final audible – retirement, as well as a job as an NFL analyst on the lead broadcast team at CBS. The question is, did he make the right decision?

Personally, I like the move. Romo is just about to turn 37, which is ancient in the NFL. Plus, he’s made plenty of money. However, the biggest reason this decision makes sense is his health. Injuries to his collarbone and a compressions fracture in his back limited Romo to just parts of five games over the last two seasons.

What do you think?

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