Evil Beware! (Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Review)

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun one. Diablo 2 is one of  my favorite games because it is fun, replayable, and I started playing it a long time ago. It’s a hack-n-slash, over the top dungeon crawler where you fight against demons and other minions of hell trying to defeat Diablo, The Lord of Terror. 


This game offers countless hours of fun. Many parts of the game have randomly generated areas and varying monsters that can appear. I think that the most rewarding part of the game is the loot system that require grinding to maximize the efficiency of your build. Playing through the game blind, you will miss a lot of additional things that the game has to offer. I have been playing this game since the mid 2000s and only very recently did I realize that there were things called rune words that could give you a huge boost later on. It’s moments like these in video games that I love because you think you already know everything there is to know and then they switch things up.


One noticeable annoyance is the lack of resolution options for a game made so long ago (2000). My favorite part has to be the loot system that makes you think “Just play a little longer, one of the HAS to drop a legendary soon”. You keep playing, keep grinding until you get all that you want, then you play against other players, keep playing on that same character, or start a new one and do it all over again. Reading it like that, it does sound boring, but I can assure you that it is a great game.

I made this post because I recently started playing Diablo 2 again and I found it fun and wanted to compare this game to Diablo 3 because of all the debate about whether or not Bliizzard went in the wrong direction with it. Next week I’ll give my thoughts on Diablo 3 and the compare both these games.

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  1. Friends and I lan this game occasionally. If you were not aware, you can type “/players x” in the chat where x is any number from 1 to 8. Doing this as a game host will scale the mob toughness and experience payout as if x amount of players are currently in the game.

    In earlier versions of the game you could set x to any number up to 64.

    One thing we do whilst lanning this game is set the players setting to the max amount and play the game with no town runs beyond what is necessary to complete the quests. We do this while playing hardcore mode. It makes it necessary to scavenge your gear and not be reliant on health potions. Pretty fun way of playing the game.

    I might have to dust this one off. It could be a good opportunity to try the MedianXL mod.

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