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Upon release, Diablo 3 was a major miss for many fans of Diablo II. It had been in development for so long but it felt like a completely different game. Some saw it as just killing as many monsters as fast as possible. In my opinion, Diablo 3 is great and I argue that it may be better than Diablo II.

I played Diablo 3 right when it released and was surprised by the change in graphics and combat. The graphics were a surprise simply because Diablo II was made roughly 10 years before and its focus was not on the visuals but more of the combat (not to say that the visuals were bad or unbearable). The user interface seemed much more like a MMO than anything. This is probably because I didn’t even know you could assign skills to a specific key in Diablo II until about a week ago. All of these changes felt new and refreshing though. The only bad experience that I had was that it didn’t feel like the game had much replayability after completing it. Therefore, I left the game for about a year or so and came back a little after the expansion pack, “Reaper of Souls” came out. Blizzard had listened to their fans and gave them what they wanted. They added an incredible amount of end-game content with rifts that made playing through them over and over never feel tedious. They added the Crusader and many other items and sets for all the different classes. A great example of end game content is the 13  Torment difficulty modes that reward you for being strong enough to survive in them but are brutal if you don’t have the proper gear and equipment to handle them.

The world was also amazing. None of the acts made me not want to go to them (Act II and III from Diablo II). They were open and had many side areas and caves that you could explore and find random quests. One thing that I noticed a lot was the background of the areas if you were by an edge or a cliff. For example, in Caldeum at the base camp, you can see the whole city below you and it gives the map a sense of size and depth that wasn’t really there in Diablo II.

Even though they changed the formula for Diablo 3 to feel like a wave clearing, dungeon rush, I can appreciate the change a pace and am excited to see what changes they make to it in the future. With Diablo II, I am just hoping that they remake it and bring the better ideas from Diablo III (rifts, torment difficulty, etc.).

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  1. I liked playing Diablo 3. I played when it first came out but fell out of playing it after they dropped the auction house (not the reason I fell out of playing it though). I played a Monk which I enjoyed a lot. Good review!

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