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When jumping into a new hobby, I rarely have much experience in the field. Instead of diving right into heavy research and background, I usually head to Youtube for a nice introduction. There are channels and playlists pertaining to just about any hobby or recreational activity around. This in itself quickly became a new hobby, and I’d like to share a few channels that have been great learning tools for their respective hobbies.

Munchies is full of cooking how-to videos with a variety of hosts and categories. My personal favorite is Matty Matheson. He’s a great chef that always entertains.

Awe me is full of how-to and DiY videos. From carving custom d-20s to surviving a hitman, Awe me’s got it all. Epic How To and Man at Arms: Reforged are the two I watch most frequently. Epic How To takes a scientific approach to explain random crazy concepts. Man at Arms is a group of professional blacksmiths that forge famous weapons, typically from video games, movies, etc., suggested by their followers. Below, the guys take on Sephiroth’s Masamune.

The Samurai Carpenter is the guy to go to for, you guessed it, carpentry. Another quirky host displaying his fine work for all to enjoy. Here, the Samurai shows off his skills on this intricate jewelry box.

Buzzfeed is an interesting channel full of how-to’s, foodies, and comedy galore. The Try Guys are a wonderful representation of Buzzfeed. The Guys explore and explain different topics and eventually try them. Here we see the guys taking on the weirdest beauty trends of 2016.

These four channels alone are filled with hours upon hours of entertainment and knowledge. Take a look, and maybe you’ll find your next hobby!


One thought on “Youtube: A Hobby How-To

  1. The Man at Arms: Reforged video was pretty interesting. I like that they try to recreate weapons from video games. That sword with the LED’s was pretty sweet.

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