Warning: Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

From the makers of the survival game Don’t Starve comes the 2-D, simulation game Oxygen Not Included. This game simulates a growing space-colony that the player must maintain and develop as they gain knowledge and colonists.

character selectionWhen beginning a new game, the player gets to select their first three members after shuffling through the randomized characters. Each character has a level of experience, an occupation (runner, scientist, digger), various attributes, and helpful/hindering traits. Characters can be assigned to specific tasks to utilize their specialties or to gain experience in certain fields.

As the game commences, the needs of your civilians becomes top priority. Ensuring they have a food source, beds, power generation, ample oxygen generation, and, of course, well-kept latrines.




Keeping up with the needs of the people while researching new technologies will take some getting used to. An unlimited number of tasks can be queued, but, if left at default settings, the colonists will perform them in whatever order they want. This is where one of the key elements of the game comes into play: prioritizing. The game contains an overlay that allows the player to set the priority level of each assigned task (numbered 1-9). Mastery of this feature is crucial to your colonies’ survival. It will definitely take some time to get used to all the features and new technologies (I myself started at least 20 games before I was able to last an in-game month), but it is extremely worth the time. Oxygen Not Included has recently released their Alpha version on Steam and will be updating it monthly until the full game is available. Click any of the images to check it out on the Steam website, or head over to youtube or twitch to check out some streams of the gameplay. You won’t regret it!

the colony

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