The main reason that people have hobbies is because whatever it is that they are doing is generally very satisfying. When I’m bowling, the most satisfying part is hearing the pins crash and explode when I roll the ball into the the perfect spot.

It’s something about the difficulty of bowling that makes me enjoy it so much. Bowling is an easy sport to learn, although it may be frustrating for the impatient beginner. Once you figure out how to roll the ball straight is when things get really fun in my opinion. You then have to start thinking about how you should let go of the bowling ball to change how it spins, when it lands, and how fast it will go down the lane (this is currently where I am). The fact that you can easily gutter ball if you aren’t paying attention to your form is another reason why bowling is one of my favorite hobbies. Bowling makes you think about what you are doing as you are doing it. It makes you perfect your technique but also gives you split second decisions to decide how you are going to take down the pins. ¬†Recently when I’ve gone bowling, I’ve noticed that I look at how other people bowl a lot. There are experienced¬†and beginners. When watching experienced players I always find it fun to try and roll the ball just like they do. It makes me feel like I’m a lot better at bowling even though in reality, I’m missing most of the pins and probably embarrassing myself.¬†Another great part of bowling is that you can easily do it with friends. You can challenge yourself to be better or just mess around.

Although I don’t go bowling that often, it always makes me want to do it more often, regardless of how I did that day.


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