Learning to play guitar? Make a game of it.

I’ve been casually trying to learn guitar for several years now with mixed results.

However, it wasn’t until a friend turned me onto a video game named Rocksmith that I really made some progress.

What’s Rocksmith? It’s an interactive video game that teaches you how to play a guitar? I know, I know, you’re thinking of Guitar Hero, right? Well, it’s really not that at all.

Rocksmith, which was introduced for PlayStation 3, is now also available for PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, as well as Windows and Mac systems. The game allows you to hook a real electric guitar into your gaming console or computer. Then, it teaches you the basic strings and chords while letting you jump into popular music right away. It will also score your accuracy.

Over time, it ramps up the difficulty and challenges you to be better and better. I found that it was a fun way to play music and learn right from the start. If you’d like to learn guitar, give Rocksmith a try.

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