Video Games: Past and Present

It’s a simple question, do you like video games that were made in the beginning of the industry or do you prefer the more recent ones. 

  • When you think of older games it is very easy to remember all the great moments because of the nostalgia that comes with them. The title screen music of Crash Bandicoot or the underwater theme on Donkey Kong Country. It makes for some incredible memories that you might never forget. Playing with friends at your house for the very first time is also an incredible experience because it was that first time it was every possible. With recent games, I feel that these have been taken for granted since we have had them for so long. For example, A game with no co-op can seem boring and a disappointment to some.
  • Graphics in these games is also a big point of contention. Like the previous paragraph, more realistic and “pretty” games have become more or less a standard. Only some indie games like Shovel Knight go back to a more retro style. Graphics don’t only represent how a game looks visually, though. It is affected by the style that the designer uses. The color pallets in these games makes a big difference. The advancement of graphical technology is needed to push the boundaries that we know, but it is good to hint back to the days that started all of this.
  • One last thing to think about is the technology that we can now use. Many retro games were more simple and straight forward when you played them. They had one or two paths to go to reach the end of the level(or reach whatever goal you needed) and often contained shorter levels. Now, games with more focus on size and content, like Role Playing Games(RPGs) and games with RPG aspects, seem much larger and more grandiose. You can find yourself playing hundreds hours in some of the popular game series like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout completely enveloped in the story and atmosphere. With some of the recent RPGs releases, the focus is entirely on choice and decisions that add to the experience, making it unique for each player.It is very important to note that some developers do this much better than others. I believe that the reason for the intriguing worlds is largely due to the fact that we can play these games in 3D. This isn’t to say that 2D games aren’t immersive, but personally, 3D is more inviting to me than a 2D game.

Of course there are many exceptions to a lot of things I said as many companies in the past used very good storytelling and level design to make things more believable compared to some companies today just trying to rush out games to make as much money as possible. Feel free to leave your opinions in the discussion. I hope to learn a lot from this.


This post is my opinion and given the fact that I am 19 years old, I haven’t played nearly enough older games to try and convince someone that one is better than the other. I simply want to create conversation over games, a passionate subject of mine. Thank you for reading.