Computers are amazing

I feel confident in saying that computers are a huge part in my life. There are games, ideas, and relationships that are all possible thanks to the invention of the computer and Internet. It has helped us develop smart phones that serve as a computer that can be held in your pocket and used almost anywhere. Computers let us create new things like websites, art, music, and videos and they let us do it with relative ease after a little learning and practice.  Continue reading “Computers are amazing”

Music and Life

In high school I was given two choices, participate in sports or do band for the next four years. I chose band because my instructor had told me that I was a good musician and would become much better with more practice. Of course any sports coach could have told me the same but his words really stuck a chord with me because I didn’t have many role models in life that persuaded or encouraged me to keep doing things. I also agreed to this because I had been in sports since I was much younger and band was something new. I think that this was one of the best decisions I have made so far because it helped me meet new people, learn more about myself, and increase my knowledge and appreciation of all kinds of music, even those that I personally don’t listen to.  This became much more apparent when I started jazz band. It was a lot different than normal concert band because of the rhythms and style that are associated with it but it was unique and is the reason why I remember a good amount of the songs we played like Straight No Chaser, Fables of Faubus, and Alamode, to name a few. Even though I loved Jazz, it took me until my senior year when I really started appreciating it and the history behind it. The big names like Louis Armstong and Miles Davis were huge inspirations and encouraged me to keep practicing when I was discouraged. Because of this I was able to perform well during my first solo in jazz. Even though I had doubts about myself, all I had to do was remember the fundamentals and things that I remembered when listening to interviews from famous jazz performers. This solo was very important to me because it was one of the first times in band where I could express myself directly to the audience.

Overall, I think that it is extremely important that you take risks in your life and open different doors that you haven’t gone through yet. All of the best experiences in life are found, not given.

Attitudes Thrive in Sunny Climates

Sunny cliffsKeep your attitude sun tanned year-round with a sunny disposition.

There are many benefits to keeping your attitude positive as much as an individual can manage it.  There’s the benefit of better health since having a positive outlook on things can often relief stress in your life.  Stress can cause a wide array of health problems if stress isn’t squashed down to manageable low levels

It can determine which direction you are moving in as Zig Ziglar said, “You can’t climb uphill by thinking downhill thoughts.”  Continue reading “Attitudes Thrive in Sunny Climates”

Change the World Beginning with Yourself

earth from outer space imageAlmost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so. –David Brooks
If you want to succeed in making a change in your life or the world around you then you have to believe the future can be better than the present and that you can bring the change you want about. Continue reading “Change the World Beginning with Yourself”