Five ways to get excited about running again

It’s spring, or haven’t you heard? So, it’s time to get outside and get active.
If you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with jogging. When you first start (after a long winter or an even longer layoff), those first few excursions are tough.
However, once you’ve whipped yourself into shape, it can be a much more enjoyable experience. To help get you started, here are five tips that might just make things better …

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Fantasy baseball’s on deck. Here’s your warm-up pitch.

Fantasy baseball fans: Here's your warm-up pitch.
Fantasy baseball fans: Here’s your warm-up pitch.

Non-nerds, take note: Fantasy sports is no longer a small niche for geeks who geek out about spreadsheets. It’s a major industry that accounts for $26 billion in total spending between the U.S. and Canada, according to NBC News.

Yep, fantasy sports is here to stay. And, with spring just around the corner, there’s one thing you to need to know … antiperspirants are always a good idea. Also, fantasy baseball is only a few weeks away.

I’m obviously an owner myself. The results have been mixed, with a handful of titles here and there, but my team chemistry is off the charts! Anyway, all good fantasy owners will tell you that preseason prep is the key to winning. That’s why I’m sharing a few of my favorite free resources:

  • Razzball: Blogger Grey Albright, as he’s quick to tell you, is the best around. He blends deep analysis and irreverent humor with ease. As a result, he makes the mundane task of reading about groin pulls as entertaining as possible. As Grey would say, click on the linkamowhoosee to check out his stuff.
  • Rotoworld: Interested in up-to-the-second updates and straightforward analysis? You are if you’re serious about winning. Oh, you’re OK with sucking? Then you can leave Rotoworld to the rest of us.
  • CBS Sports: Typically, I avoid the behemoths in sports media (e.g., ESPN, Sports Illustrated) because their information isn’t all that timely. Plus, they’re usually pushing you to pay for added content. Here’s a little secret between and you and me (which won’t really be a secret anymore if I’m publishing this for the world to read on the Intranet) – you don’t need to pay for that extra stuff. It’s unnecessary. It’s upsell. It’s (fill in your own word here because I’m well over my 150-word minimum already). Instead, try the free info at CBS. They’ve got a collection of good analysts and reliable updates.


–      Sean H.